FIMG is a company that offers stunning work that will showcase your business, event or project.

Graphic [Design]

$150 per Design

$150 covers the majority of our design services for most basic Flyer designs and up to 11″x17″ posters. Flyer design includes one or a two sided design with 2-3 minor design and text revisions. Major revisions or revisions past the 2nd or 3rd revision will be subject to additional charges. For immediate same day or next day rush jobs, an additional $75-$125 will be assessed, so please plan accordingly.

To begin the design process on any flyer or web design job, a design invoice must be paid prior to commencement of design. 
After the design invoice is paid, please submit all necessary logos, design specifications and specific photos you 
want used (if any) along with your contact info through our design form.